Heavy Duty Floor Tape- Why It Is Required?

More and more people nowadays are opting for floor tape in favour of other options. A primary reason for this is the extreme necessity for such tapes for organisational as well as safety purposes. Moreover, these tapes also provide a wide range of benefits.

Why Choose Floor Tape Over Paint

More and more people are choosing coloured floor tape over painting an area for marking purposes. There are different reasons for this. Some include:

  • Floor tape is much more durable than paint. With time, the paint gets trampled over a lot of times, and soon it starts to fade. This is especially seen with paint used for marking outdoor spaces. In contrast, the floor tape is much more resistant and will last longer.


  • The floor tape nowadays comes in a variety of colours. There are even tapes with different stripes and patterns. These can be used simply and easily. Using paint for making similar designs would be a long, difficult and very messy process.
  • The markings made by tape can easily be changed. All you have to do is peel off the tape and apply it elsewhere. However in the case of paint you will have to cover the paint up with different paint and then repaint the marking. As a result, more time and money is wasted.
  • The markings made by floor tape are easy to replace in case of wear and tear. All you have to do is reapply tape in areas where it might have peeled off. In contrast, the paint markings must be completely painted over evenly and properly. This becomes especially difficult and tiresome in the case of stripes or patterns.
  • Floor tape does not fade as easily or fast as paint does.

Due to these reasons more and more people are choosing to use floor tape in order to make markings.

Why Does Floor Tape Need To Be Heavy Duty

While buying floor tape the most important thing to check is whether or not it is heavy duty. The floor tape needs to be able to the adhesive to even rough surfaces, and it needs to be able to withstand rough conditions. This is because this type of tape is often used to construction sites, industrial areas and even to ward off hazardous areas from the public. Hence, these tapes are exposed to different elements like water, moisture, weather, dust, etc. The continuous passage of shoes and vehicles also has an effect on the tape and so it needs to be heavy duty.

Using The Tape For Organising Purposes

Floor tapes of different colours are usually used to organise a space such as an office or a supermarket. Tapes of different colours can be used to organise and divide different sections like the different aisles of the supermarket.

Using The Tape For Marking

The most important function of floor tape is to mark different things in the floor. It can be used to mark routes, both normal routes and exit routes. It can also be used to mark off dangerous areas. Thus, floor tape is necessary for day to day life for different purposes.

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