The Benefits of Economy Vinyl Tape

Economy Vinyl TapesEconomy vinyl tapes (often simply referred to as “vinyl tapes”) are multipurpose tapes used for a number of light-duty floor marking applications. They are also used to mark desks and workspaces and for color coordination. A common economy vinyl tape is electrical tape.

Many non-industrial, low-traffic, and office facilities are able to use these tapes for areas without hazards such as forklifts, pallet jacks, spills, and industrial floor cleaners. Using tape like this in the workplace can not only improve safety but it can improve efficiency and productivity as well.

Pros of using economy vinyl tape:

  • This kind of tape is available at a low price point.
  • These tapes are often slimmer and are available in widths under 2 inches.

Some cons of using economy vinyl tape:

  • It does not last forever, there is limited durability.
  • No removable backing liner can make installation a bit trickier.
  • The thinner tape can easily stretch during installation.
  • It can be difficult to apply straight lines.

When shopping for tapes to use in your workplace, it will be important to identify where you would like to use tape. Although this type of tape can be used as floor marking tape, it should not be used in areas that experience heavy traffic. Economy vinyl tapes are most effective when used on desks, work benches, low-traffic areas, shelves, warehouse racks, equipment, etc.

The most common use for economy vinyl tapes is for a 5S project or a Lean manufacturing facility. It is a great option for increasing the organization of a facility and can be used to designate specific homes for tools and materials. Some other applications for this kind of tape are shelf labeling, pipe banding, creating charts and columns on whites or walls, color coding supplies, and repairing vinyl just to name a few.

Common economy vinyl tapes include:

  • 3M 471 Tape
  • Creative Safety Supply “5S Vinyl Tape”

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