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The Benefits of Economy Vinyl Tape

2 min read

Economy Vinyl TapesEconomy vinyl tapes (often simply referred to as “vinyl tapes”) are multipurpose tapes used for a number of light-duty floor marking applications. They are also used to mark desks and workspaces and for color coordination. A common economy vinyl tape is electrical tape.

Many non-industrial, low-traffic, and office facilities are able to use these tapes for areas without hazards such as forklifts, pallet jacks, spills, and industrial floor cleaners. Using tape like this in the workplace can not only improve safety but it can improve efficiency and productivity as well.

Pros of using economy vinyl tape:

  • This kind of tape is available at a low price point.
  • These tapes are often slimmer and are available in widths under 2 inches.

Some cons of using economy vinyl tape:

  • It does not last forever, there is limited durability.
  • No removable backing liner can make installation a bit trickier.
  • The thinner tape can easily stretch during installation.
  • It can be difficult to apply straight lines.

When shopping for tapes to use in your workplace, it will be important to identify where you would like to use tape. Although this type of tape can be used as floor marking tape, it should not be used in areas that experience heavy traffic. Economy vinyl tapes are most effective when used on desks, work benches, low-traffic areas, shelves, warehouse racks, equipment, etc.

The most common use for economy vinyl tapes is for a 5S project or a Lean manufacturing facility. It is a great option for increasing the organization of a facility and can be used to designate specific homes for tools and materials. Some other applications for this kind of tape are shelf labeling, pipe banding, creating charts and columns on whites or walls, color coding supplies, and repairing vinyl just to name a few.

Common economy vinyl tapes include:

  • 3M 471 Tape
  • Creative Safety Supply “5S Vinyl Tape”

Floor Marking in Warehouses and How to Get the Best Tapes

4 min read

In the earlier period, it was very normal to mark the boundaries and lines on warehouse and the floors of manufacturing industry with floor paints. Though some of the industries still use this method of marking but there are some new industries which are using new floor marking tapes. In the recent years, these industrial or warehouse floor marking tapes have become popular. The floors tapes are do not necessarily destroy or affect the floors of the industries, and it does not have an adverse chemical effect on health and nature. For this reason, the popularity of industrial tapes is increasing day by day. Nowadays, these tapes are accepted by the professionals as the inexpensive and most convenient option to spot the aisle, since the painted lines tend to crack, peel, and need replacement more often- especially with the areas that have heavier traffic. The floor marking tapes are more convenient than those of the paints because the paints fade after a little while and it also takes a long time to dry. For this reason, tapes are way better than paints, and if the tape peels out from a particular place, then it is handier to repair that spot.

Choosing the right tape for your warehouse floor

Certain things should be kept in mind while choosing tape for the warehouse. These tapes are dependent on some factors that make them the best. Choosing the right tape will make your floor marking last long and as a result, you will not require changing it more often. Floor marking tapes are not that expensive but changing it often can be a problem.

  1. The durability and thickness of tape

Not all the tapes or marking the floor are made equally so while selecting the best tape it is necessary to select the one that includes a variety of factors that can potentially affect the effectiveness as well as the longevity of the line markers. So, it is required to choose the floor tape with correct thickness when you are buying one for your warehouse. If the tape is used for the area with heavy workers, then it is better to choose the thickest one. Tapes that range from .005’’ to .008’’ are known as lightweight and the ones that have a thickness of .020’’ to .035’’ are regarded as the heavyweight. The most important factor while choosing the thickness and durability of a tape is whether the tape is capable of withstanding traffic in your warehouse. The high-quality industrial floor marking tapes have decreased the edge profile, and these tapes are made of materials that can resist the effect of water, chemicals, and extreme temperature points as well as UV rays that are often found in the warehouse and which can be a possible reason to destroy your floor tapes. The tapes that are used in high-grade industry floors last for years and in the tough areas, for example, areas with trucks and forklifts, the tapes can last for a long time there. But the places of the warehouse that have mostly foot traffic or overall a light traffic can be marked by using vinyl light weight floor tapes. For the durability of the tapes for a long time, you should choose floor marking tapes with right thickness otherwise your floor marking will come out after a certain time.

  1. Standardizing colors

The floor tapes are important forms of communication. They set up visual tones in all the areas of a warehouse. Choosing the correct color for this is very important. The marking tapes are available in broad range of colors and for this reason; you should choose the appropriate colored ones for proper marking. If you need a unique marking, then you can use different colored ones but if you do not require that go for the standard colors. Many warehouses make the mistake of applying as many colors as possible which make it difficult for the people to remember the colors.

  1. Visual hazard communication standard

There is various floor hazard communication visual signs are available in the market. But, you should choose the common ones for the better understanding of the signs because the people working in your warehouse will be able to get the message of the sign easily. Otherwise, if they do not recognize the signs the purpose of the signs will not be served. So, choosing the right and the common floor signs are very important if you want the best.

  1. Planning the marking of the floor

If you want the best floor marking tape, first plan the area you want to get marked then it will be very much easier for you to choose the correct tapes for your floor. So, planning the set up of the floor marking is an effective way to choose the best tapes.

  1. Availability

If you are buying floor marking tapes, then get the ones that are mostly available in the market. It will help you in future. If you suffer from any damage in the future, then it would be very much easier for you to find the exact tapes for the repairing. If you buy the ones that are not easily available, then it would be very tough for you to get and as a result, you will have to suffer. Choose the tapes that are mostly available in the market.

  1. Visibility

Buy tapes that are visible even from a long distance. If you mark a spot with such a tape that cannot be seen from a long distance, then it will not serve the purpose of the tape. So, it is very essential to the tape that can be seen even from a long distance. It will help the workers of the warehouse to notice the tapes and they will get the message.

Get the best tape depending upon these and mark your warehouse today so that you or your workers do not need to suffer from the signs marked on the floors.

Heavy Duty Floor Tape- Why It Is Required?

2 min read

More and more people nowadays are opting for floor tape in favour of other options. A primary reason for this is the extreme necessity for such tapes for organisational as well as safety purposes. Moreover, these tapes also provide a wide range of benefits.

Why Choose Floor Tape Over Paint

More and more people are choosing coloured floor tape over painting an area for marking purposes. There are different reasons for this. Some include:

  • Floor tape is much more durable than paint. With time, the paint gets trampled over a lot of times, and soon it starts to fade. This is especially seen with paint used for marking outdoor spaces. In contrast, the floor tape is much more resistant and will last longer.


  • The floor tape nowadays comes in a variety of colours. There are even tapes with different stripes and patterns. These can be used simply and easily. Using paint for making similar designs would be a long, difficult and very messy process.
  • The markings made by tape can easily be changed. All you have to do is peel off the tape and apply it elsewhere. However in the case of paint you will have to cover the paint up with different paint and then repaint the marking. As a result, more time and money is wasted.
  • The markings made by floor tape are easy to replace in case of wear and tear. All you have to do is reapply tape in areas where it might have peeled off. In contrast, the paint markings must be completely painted over evenly and properly. This becomes especially difficult and tiresome in the case of stripes or patterns.
  • Floor tape does not fade as easily or fast as paint does.

Due to these reasons more and more people are choosing to use floor tape in order to make markings.

Why Does Floor Tape Need To Be Heavy Duty

While buying floor tape the most important thing to check is whether or not it is heavy duty. The floor tape needs to be able to the adhesive to even rough surfaces, and it needs to be able to withstand rough conditions. This is because this type of tape is often used to construction sites, industrial areas and even to ward off hazardous areas from the public. Hence, these tapes are exposed to different elements like water, moisture, weather, dust, etc. The continuous passage of shoes and vehicles also has an effect on the tape and so it needs to be heavy duty.

Using The Tape For Organising Purposes

Floor tapes of different colours are usually used to organise a space such as an office or a supermarket. Tapes of different colours can be used to organise and divide different sections like the different aisles of the supermarket.

Using The Tape For Marking

The most important function of floor tape is to mark different things in the floor. It can be used to mark routes, both normal routes and exit routes. It can also be used to mark off dangerous areas. Thus, floor tape is necessary for day to day life for different purposes.